Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12 Tips for talking to teens about sex!

1. Be knowledgeable and prepared. Read books, pamphlets, etc.

2. Answer questions on the spot. If that is not possible, say you will discuss it later and be sure to follow through.

3. Answer questions honestly.

4. Make answers short and to the point.

5. Just answer the question you are asked…don’t read into it.

6. Use proper terminology such as vagina, penis, sexual intercourse, etc. Explain slang terms but encourage children to use the proper names.

7. It is OK to admit to your child that you are embarrassed or that you don’t know an answer.

8. If you don’t know an answer, find it together. Go to the library, health department, call a hot line, or go online to a reliable website.

9. Be alert to situations that encourage discussions on sexual issues (pregnant classmate, movies, and/or TV shows).

10. Leave appropriate books and brochures lying around the house so that teens will find them.

11.  Talk to your child about values. Encourage them to think about what is important for their lives.

12.  Educate your child in degrees until all information is known.
Taken from YMCA Swift Program brochure.

The most important tip is to talk early and talk often. Children and teens need to hear the information more than once.

If you act uncomfortable and avoid talking about this subject, they will stop coming to you and start going to their friends!!

We discuss many issues just like this in our STEP parenting classes. If you would like to find out where to join a group, please call CARE of Southeastern Michigan at 586-541-0033. CARE offers parenting classes in many locations throughout Macomb County.

I also co-host a parenting chat the first Wednesday of each month at If you would like to see the transcripts of some of our previous chats, search in archives for "Parent Chat".


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  2. Great list! I wish I had this list 15 years ago. Thank you for your valuable posts.